Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Top 10 Money Management Apps

Cell-phone application developers never miss a trick. Do you find money management time consuming and inconvenient? There are hundreds of apps for that.
Various apps allow you to track your stocks and business expenses, calculate loan-repayment costs and accept credit and debit card payments on the go. The good ones allow you to take advantage of iPhone’s finger-friendly interface and GPS capabilities. Here’s a look at 10 of the best:
1. Bloomberg Mobile – FREE
Take the most trusted financial-market source with you on the road. Bloomberg Mobile includes tools to help you analyze the world’s market with up-to-the-minute news, stock quotes, company descriptions, price charts and market-trend analysis. Mobile also uses iPhone’s position sensor to create expanded charts in the horizontal position. Bloomberg Mobile is more limited than Bloomberg Terminal but Bloomberg continues to expand its capability with each release.
2. PayPal – FREE
PayPal Mobile is a secure way to access your account, check your balance and send money to friends and family directly from your iPhone. The app supports 16 currencies and is secured by your existing PIN or password. You’ll have to go online, however, to access your transaction history and learn when money has arrived in your account.
3. Day Bank – $1.99
Day Bank is a pocket-sized check register that, unlike other apps, is well suited for entering transactions and tracking cash spending. Speedy transaction entry and the ability to photograph receipts or purchased items make Day Bank unique. While functions are more limited than some apps, updates continually expand features to support transaction geo-tagging, renaming categories capability, QIF, CSV and XML exporting, as well as WiFi backup and restoration.
4. Mint – FREE
Based on the popular financial Mint.com site, this app automatically enters your transactions, updates account balances, and sends real-time alerts for low account balances, over-budget and unusual-spending activity. Users applaud the latest update’s improved security and ability to edit transactions.
5. PocketMoney – $4.99
Catamount Software has updated their popular app to track thousands of transactions over many years without a loss of performance. You can split transactions across multiple categories, schedule transactions and transfer money between accounts. The app stores previous transactions and auto-completes them as you type. Charts help you visualize overspending and targets areas where you need to cut back. All data is exportable to desktop applications.
6. iPortfolio – $2.99
This is the perfect app if you just want a simple stock-portfolio tracker without creating an account and registration. This simple and elegant app makes viewing stock quotes, portfolio performance and gains and losses just a tap away.
7. WealthCalc – $1.99
Capmind Technology’s iPod app calculates your wealth based on annual compound interest in several ways. It’s easy-to-use features detail the enormous power of reinvested profits and how they’ll manifest in several scenarios.
8. PAYware Mobile – FREE
This VeriFone app transforms your iPhone into a secure payment portal so small-business owners will never miss a sale. Swipe a client’s card, capture a signature and enjoy the convenience of secure payments anywhere a phone signal is available. The app-plus-reader combination can lower the cost of accepting credit cards by 30 percent. Users recommend PAYware for its dependability, excellent tech support and ability to customize for the specific needs of your business.
9. TripLog/1040 – $12.99
Recording mileage and trip expenses can be a nightmare. TripLog/1040 makes the process easier and stores all data to your iPhone. You can track deductible or reimbursable mileage for three different cars in four categories: business, charity, medical and a category of your choice. Storable info includes date, distance, category, destination, trip purpose, tolls and parking.
10. LoanShark – $4.99
Never fall for crappy loans again. LoanShark lets you calculate the actual costs of various loans, compare interest rates and repayment terms, and view full amortization tables for different loan scenarios. Other functions allow you to calculate how long it will take to pay off credit cards, track the progress of your mortgage and locate banks geographically.
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