Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Young Money Readers Think Everyone Deserves Health Care

In a recent poll of Young Money readers we have found that the majority of people – 65%, feel that all Americans deserve health care. Thirteen percent of those want to provide health care but just aren’t sure we have the money to do it. This opinion is shared by many other Americans but according to Rasmussen Reports, 54% believe the law should be repealed! Hold on people, it’s only a month old. The long-term effects of the legislation are not determined yet and keeping an open mind is a good thing. We’ve wasted far more money in this country on far worse things like, war, in my humble opinion. That said, many Young Money readers agree, and some just want to sit on their hands. See the full poll results below.

  • 6% -  Why change the system we have now
  • 29% - Spending that kind of money will destroy our country
  • 13% - People should have health care but it's too much money
  • 52% - Everyone deserves health care

Are you currently without health insurance? If you are, you may easily research the options available to you without any obligation. Just click on the link below and you will be able to enter your zip code anonymously to see the best providers in your area.

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