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Top Free Internet Sites for Music

Listed below is a run down of three of the most popular music file sharing programs. Each one is free and has unique advantages.

  1. WinMX allows you to connect, download and share files with millions of other people through its decentralized peer network. It takes just a few clicks to install the program and you will have access to a large, diverse list of media files. It’s features include peer-to-peer protocol, ability to download any file type, multi-sourced downloading for maximum speed on broadband connections, a complete upload and download queuing system, and more. (Editor’s note: WinMX has ceased operation )
  2. Kazaa has more than 119 million downloads available. The standard KaZaa Media Desktop (KMD) software allows users to create unique shared playlists and search for other KMD user playlists. The best part about this program is KaZaa’s step-by-step guide to help new users get started. Once KMD is downloaded, you can begin a basic search for songs. After you find the song you want, you simply click the download option and wait. (From personal experience use, this program works quickly, even with slow modems.)
  3. Audiogalaxy is a file-sharing system that lets you search for music by artist, track or album. Basically, this program gives music lovers a free medium to market and trade music. Every MP3, a popular music storage file, you upload to Audiogalaxy’s site will be available for users to download, rate and discuss.

So, what do users have to say about these programs?

A first year graduate student at the University of Louisville said with these programs he "can share pictures, movies and pretty much any other digital format file."

Despite the amount of music he downloads, he has not completely given up actually purchasing compact disks

"If I find a CD that is good from the beginning to the end, I would buy it without a second thought," he said. "Actually, in some respects access to music on the Internet has encouraged me to buy more CD’s. I have heard new groups and artists on the Internet and liked them so much that I bought their music without a second thought. But without the Internet I would never have heard them."

Another Louisville student adds, "Since I started downloading music I have become more aware of the amount of music that is out there. It’s incredible and I have free access to all of it with a few clicks of the mouse."

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