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Top Ten College Comedy Movies

We all know if John Belushi’s character in Animal House and Will Ferrell’s character in Old School were real, they would be everyone’s facebook friends. Most of these characters majored in partying. Thanks to these movies you can reminisce about toga parties and keggers. Who says college only has to last four years?

10. Road Trip. Most college road trips end up at concerts or poolside Spring break hotels with wet t-shirt contests and scantily clad co-eds. However, in this 2000 movie one desperate student enlists three of his friends to take a road trip to stop an illicit sex tape from being delivered to his girlfriend, 1800 miles away. Teaching us this very important lesson: if you are going to cheat be careful—gas is too expensive to waste trying to save yourself from getting dumped.

9. Orange County. Local surfer kid really, really, really wants to go to Stanford. After his application hits a guidance counselor-caused snafu, his girlfriend and brother (Jack Black) pull out all the comedic stops to get him into the Ivy league school of his dreams.

8. Legally Blonde. Don’t freak out if you see a blonde in pink demonstrating the “bend and snap.” She’s just practicing her opening statement for her business law class. This 2001 comedy isn’t just a “chick flick” —it’s all about saving blondes from a future of bad, dumb blonde jokes. Reese Witherspoon shines as Elle.

7. Back to School. Millionaire Thornton Melon (Rodney Dangerfield) puts his money where his big mouth is and heads back to campus to prove to his son that going to college can be a blast.

6. American Pie 2. Back together after being separated for their first year of college, the American Pie group discovers just how close they really are—a shared beach house, killer party, and super glue figure prominently. This movie is all about “sticking” together.

5. Revenge of the Nerds. Who said nerds can’t be cool? After being bullied by a group of jackass fraternity brothers, a group of underdogs pull together to fight back — it’s time for the odd ones out to get even.

4. Dead Man on Campus. What would you do if your roommate committed suicide and your reward to this devastating news was straight A’s? TOGA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

3. Van Wilder. Every college has one. The guy who knows who’s who on campus, where every class is and where the best fraternity parties are hosted. No, not the college directory: Van Wilder, the guy whose been an undergrad for more than six years.

2. Old School. After three men (Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn, and Luke Wilson) realize their lives are starting to seriously suck, they decide to head back to campus and start their own fraternity. If a mid-life crisis movie and a campus comedy movie had a baby this would be that baby.

1.  National Lampoon’s Animal House. This 1978 classic features John Belushi at his finest. The godfathers of “mistfit fraternity/sorority house” movies, the Delta House is still the most memorable.   Everyone knows that college wouldn’t be the same without this movie and most of the college movies on this list would never have existed without it. That’s why Animal House is our #1 College Comedy of all time.

Top Ten Grossing College Movies (1978- Present)*

National Lampoon’s Animal House $141,600,000
Legally Blonde $96,520,674
Back to School $91,258,000
Old School
Road Trip $68,540,777
The House Bunny $48,237,389
College Road Trip $45,610,425
Orange County $41,076,018
Revenge of the Nerds $40, 874, 452
Accepted $36, 323, 505

*Statistics provided by boxofficemojo.com.

Is there a college comedy that you love that we left off? Tell us about it.

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  2. Blake Livlin says:

    Great college comedies – really brings meaning to college. If you look at comedy movies what you really get is http://www.filmcrave.com/list_genre_movie.php?genre=Comedy for all the comedy movies.

  3. Padraig says:

    You forgot Rudy!

  4. Tim says:

    Umm… Stanford isn’t an Ivy League school genius

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