Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Brazil represents destination of cousins’ creative entrepreneurship

Two cousins' ambitious entrepreneurship is dipping into the market in Brazil, which is seen to be fertile ground.A pair of cousins who are pursuing their Master’s of Business Administration at prestigious schools represents an emerging trend of business school students whose paths diverge from traditional paths like investment banking, hedge funds and consulting.

Rather, the New York Times reports, Davis Smith of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Kimball Thomas of Harvard Business School are working on pitches to draw Brazilian investors’ interest into a new start-up business, an e-commerce site they are building from the ground up. The trend is believed to be influenced by the fallout from Wall Street’s financial crisis.

“We actually see a lot more potential for e-commerce in Brazil,” co-chief executive Thomas told the publication. “E-commerce there is so much more nascent.”

The idea for baby.com.br, the cousins’ start-up, was spawned by Thomas’ visit to Rio de Janeiro. He visited three stores, but had no such luck finding the right size diaper for his son. The dearth of baby care goods prompted his vision for the company.

“The level of entrepreneurship activity here, and I presume at other schools, is up dramatically over the last two years,” William Sahlman, Harvard entrepreneurship professor, told the publication.

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