Thursday, September 21st, 2017

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Step into Success: Benefits of owning a franchise

So, you want to start your own business. You have a little capital and a whole lot of drive. Unfortunately, there may be few more things you don’t have—a business plan, experience, brand name. It sounds like a lot, but don’t despair, instead, consider a franchise. Most franchises come with built-in markets, proven track records, and strong business models. It should be no surprise that franchises often succeed where independent businesses fail.

Benefits of owning a franchise:
• Name recognition & “goodwill”
• Marketing/advertising plans
• Trademarks & branding
• Access to proprietary methods
• Management training & ongoing help
• Possible loan &  financial help

Can I get fries with that franchise?
If the word “franchise” makes you think of fast food, you’re not alone. However, times have changed, and you can probably find a franchise opportunity to match any idea. Whether you’re leaning toward the well-established (more capital, less risk) or the cutting edge (less capital, more risk), it’s important to do proper research, taking into consideration your lifestyle and goals.

Need more information about franchise businesses? Check out our directory of investment opportunities—an easy way to match what you want with what’s available.

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