Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Find a Job with Fast Growing Companies in 2010

Who’s hiring?  A company that’s growing fast, that’s who. And luckily for you, Inc. just announced their annual list of the  5000 fastest growing companies. I’m not saying you will find a job necessarily. However, if a company is growing and you can get your foot in that door it will set you up for a nice future. As the company grows, they will need to hire people behind you which means that you may rise to management faster in a young-growing company than you would in a more established business.

We may still be in a recession. Fortunately,  these are companies that have created growth industries, or are innovative enough to redefine an industry. Businesses range from those in energy to personal finance. Some a service related, some are manufacturers. The list is so varied it’s inspiring.

Locations also vary widely. The top 10 metro areas on the list:

10. Houston, TX
9. Philadelphia, PA
8. San Francisco, CA
7. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
6. Atlanta, GA
5. Boston, MA
4. Chicago, IL
3. Los Angeles, CA
2. Washington, D.C.
1. New York City, NY

That’s good news for job hunters. Almost anywhere in this country you can find a growing company.

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