Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Creating Your Own Accountability Team

I realized lately that many of my clients who are entrepreneurs often feel like salmons swimming upstream. They are motivated, but often have no one to consult with about new projects or ideas. They have to depend solely on themselves to meet deadlines or build new areas of their business. They are entrepreneurs because of their vision, ambition, and independent nature, but they get stuck like everyone else.

It’s not that they don’t know what to do; it’s more of a matter of what to do first and creating a time line for building the different parts of their business. When you’re the boss everyone is turning to you.  Who do you turn to? I have mentioned the notion of Mastermind Groups in a previous blog, but the importance of accountability is often overlooked. It is, however, one of the key determinants in moving ahead with projects as an entrepeneur or small business owner.

I read a story a few years ago about a woman who worked in corporate America but had to leave to care for an ill parent. In her spare time she started a cookie business that grew very quickly. She opened her own shop and loved being the boss, but felt lost in a sea of things to do and ideas to develop and no support. Joining a local business group enabled her to meet like minded individuals who helped one another achieve their goals.

Besides just discussing ideas, Mastermind groups or accountability groups, help you to achieve goals due to the fact that there is someone holding you accountable to your ambition. No they aren’t forcing you into it, but there’s something about setting a goal with an individual or group that helps push you along to the finish line. There is an energy and strength in the group process that can help self motivated entrepreneur reach the highest level of achievement for their business. In upcoming blogs I will be discussing the research behind group work; it has been found that a group solution is more intelligent than the individual solution

 I am starting a new program called “Entrepreneurs in Action.” It is a six week small group that will meet weekly for one hour. The group members will share their goals and areas where they may be struggling. The group members and I will help them create goals and action plans. Each participant will also receive some one and one coaching from me on the call. This is an exciting opportunity to network with other Entrepreneurs from around the country. If you are interested, visit my website for more details and to sign up.


Laura Tirello is a Certified Career and Life Coach who helps her clients learn how to use their unique working style to become more productive and creative in their career and personal life. She helps her clients develop strategies for success by realizing their strengths and individual potential. To learn more about her business, visit www.corelifedesign.com or contact her at Laura@corelifedesign.com


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  1. Scott Clark says:

    Quite interested in how this group works and how it might be structured, and how it might become the glue that helps the creative class in my city keep on track. I hear about these groups, but have never been able to attend one.

  2. synaptol says:

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