Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Party, Then Go Home In Your Own Car (SAFELY!)

(U-WIRE) BOULDER, Colo. – Greg Caporaso has found a way to go out drinking and then return home in his own car-safely and legally. Caporaso, a University of Colorado graduate, is one of the many people taking advantage of NightRiders, a business that was started by two CU students and one CU graduate.

A customer can call the service, and a NightRider is then dispatched to the customer s location on a motorized bike that folds up and fits into a car trunk. Customers and their cars are then taken to their final destination.

Caporaso, who has called NightRiders on two occasions, said he was impressed because they showed up quickly and were good drivers. The inspiration for their NightRider business came from their own college experiences.

"We used to live in North Boulder where it was hard to find a safe ride home," said Gary Calnan. He added that he wanted to create a service that got people home with their cars. Calnan, Brad Dickerhofe, a senior business major, and Carl Grodnik, a senior architectural engineering major, started NightRiders last July to combat drinking and driving.

Car Service Prevents Drunk Driving

In Boulder last year there were 1,369 arrests for drunk driving, said Mel Rhamey, crime analyst for the Boulder police department. The fare is $15 for a ride within city limits and $30 for a ride outside of Boulder.

It would not be legal for NightRiders to use their own cars to drive patrons, but it is legal for them to drive patrons cars. NightRiders are covered by their own insurance policies.

"The bars love it because it reduces their liability, and the bars want to see their patrons go home safely," Calnan said.

Most of NightRiders customers are young professionals, but business with CU students is beginning to pick up, Calnan said. The young entrepreneurs hope to expand to Greeley and Ft. Collins. While they re already looking to grow, some CU students are just catching wind of NightRiders and looking forward to using their services.

"I will definitely call NightRiders so I can get home safely," said Erin Graves, a sophomore advertising major. "And I won’t have to worry about getting my car the next morning."

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