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The New Age of Female Entrepreneurship

When I was approached to write this article several months ago, I had it in mind to write about the lack of avenues and education available for young girls and women today with regards to becoming a female entrepreneur.

After some thorough researching and Web crawling though, I decided that I would have to abandon that route altogether. "Why?" you ask, appalled at my apparent lack of vigor for the topic. Well, that’s because there are actually a great deal of wonderful opportunities and events designed specifically for young women looking to start their own business or other entrepreneurial venture. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look!

Just taking a look around your public library can provide you with a plethora of resources in the form of books and resource guides written specifically on the subject of women entrepreneurs making their way throughout history and the modern day. A simple online search for "women entrepreneur" at the local library turned up a stack of books nearly as tall as me.

Some of them are broader in their scope and focus on women who have achieved throughout history, regardless of whether through entrepreneurial spirit or societal impact. Others, such as "Girls and Young Women: Entrepreneurs," by Frances A. Karnes, Ph. D, and Suzanne M. Bean, Ph. D, focus more specifically on "true stories about starting and running a business" and "how you can do it yourself."

Such books offer a more personal look at actual individuals that have succeeded in their attempt to start their own business or personal venture. It is here that we see that the women who start these wonderful businesses are not super human captains of industry, do not all hold MENSA level IQ scores, or have some inside knowledge of how the business world works.

Most of the girls and women who start their own business are just everyday adults, teens or kids living normal lives. But these women all dare to strive for something they’re passionate about, and the learned abilities that come along with the trial and error of pursuing your own small business and dreams.

Some women are motivated by a sense of adventure and a desire to make a better living for themselves. Other women just like the thrill and challenge of it all. Some entrepreneurs start a business out of concern for their fellow human beings. While others simply have a desire to leave their mark on the world in some fundamental way.

As far as learning experiences go, nothing beats the experience gained by hands-on challenges and in-depth education from those who actually know what it’s like to start and manage your own business.

An ever-growing number of hands-on programs, competitions and summer camps help to encourage young women across the country to imagine and actualize their dreams and plans of becoming an entrepreneur.

Listed below are some of the organizations that offer a great opportunity to get real world experience and practical knowledge on how to become a young, independent, female entrepreneur.

Independent Means

This organization offers a variety of programs and conferences for both younger and older women looking to start down their own entrepreneurial path. Helps teach business and leadership skills, while helping young girls gain a sense of independence and empowerment from their achievements. For more information, visit IndependentMeans.com or call (805) 965-0475.


The official website for Seton Hill University’s National Education Center for Women in Business, creators of the much applauded Camp Entrepreneur. This website serves as a wonderful free tool for the young woman either beginning or managing her entrepreneurial venture. An amazing amount of content combined with a sense of style, helping to network independent women business owners around the world.

Small Business Administration

While not gender specific, the a U.S. Small Business Administration is a great resource for any beginning entrepreneur. With a branch office located in every state, the SBA can help you with the basics of starting up, to the problems associated with marketing and employees. For more information, visit SBA.gov or contact your state office.

Although I have touched on just a few resources here, I’m certain that as you begin your search, you’ll be able to find a multitude of exciting, interesting and inspiring stories, tips and tricks, and advice from those who have accomplished what they wanted to in the business world. It’s a big world out there, and girls and women alike have really begun to make their mark!

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