Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Need a financial jump start? Find funds online.

Most entrepreneurs will need some type of funding for their ventures. Unless you know someone with deep pockets, chances are you’re going to have to look in another direction. Luckily, there are many online resources available to you. Below are just a few sites that can connect your great idea with some funding.

GoBigNetwork—connects startups and the small business community. Startups, investors, advisors, job seekers, and service providers post requests for help. Those requests are then routed to other member networks that can help them. Or members can search other member profiles and contact them. This allows you to target what you need and go after it.

Findthatmoney.com—dedicated to connecting angel investors with entrepreneurs. Venture capitalists and others who want to put money into startups, franchises, and other large or small businesses can use this site to find business people who need funding and those who are looking for funding online can find angel investors or others to help start or expand a successful business.

VentureDeal—venture capital database providing the latest information about venture-backed technology companies, venture capital firms, and transactions in the U.S. Convenient access to detailed and actionable information for business development, funding search, and venture investment goals.

Fundability—connects startups with investors. Fundability also gives you fundraising management tools. You can make a company snapshot with a video pitch, and there is a diligence room where you can store your company documents.

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8 Responses to Need a financial jump start? Find funds online.

  1. concerned5 says:

    Findthatmoney.com is a scam. I work for a Venture Capital company. We have been bombarded with calls from people wanting us to invest in their companies, who recieved our information in a mass email from Findthatmoney.com. The website never contacted us to see if we were interested in investing in any of these companies. They just took our contact information off of our website and in essance “sold” it to people. They have basically taken information from VC websites and combined it into a massive database. They have not done anywork to see if these companies are in fact looking for companies to invest in.

  2. findthatmoney is a scam says:

    Findthatmoney.com is a scam: what they do is when you join thier website for free: they will start sending you emails reflecting that the real investors are contacting you. However, they are not real investors fakers that pretend to be ones: all of them are money brokers: and its a technique to make free members pay so the website can make money: total scam

  3. mistermaff says:

    Findthatmoney.com is a scam I paid for the platinum package last year supposedly a lifetime package at the time $295.00 then my account was deleted without notice or cause.

  4. Catherine says:

    I have not yet signed up to the website but have received emails from 6 separate “investors” but in order to see their contact info I have to spend $300 for a membership. I have a valid business that needs start-up funds to ensure our success through this trying first year. Just feels like they would be shut down by now if this was a scam, right? What is going on??

  5. FundRazor says:

    Find That Money is a Total scam – dont waste anymore of your time !

  6. Melissa says:

    Total scam.. I opened up 3 different accounts stating I was looking for money and would you know???… they same “investors” sent me the same exact email to all of my accounts… keep in mind, I opened each account a month after eachother and still got the same emails from the same “investors”… stay away.

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  8. Bev says:

    FTM is a total scam. Don’t bother and surely give them no money.

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