Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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10 Tips: How to Make it Big By 30

1. Be consistent.  Talent is overrated but you do need a little to make your mark in today’s business world. I always say it’s not the talent that makes you successful, it’s the consistency of using that talent that creates success and fortune.

2. Self-evolution. Guess what? We must change with the world. I find there are so many young people, straight out of school, who contribute nothing to changing the way business is currently being conducted. Fresh, innovative ideas and keeping up with the times has a direct relationship with your success.

3. Trust your instincts.  Go with what you think is the right direction. It’s a 50/50 shot but the 50 percent that’s correct can generate all the success you need to get started and make some real cash.

4. Work REAL REAL REAL hard. There is no substitute for this. Forget about all the fancy junk companies offer you like stocks, insurance, bonus, cars…blah, blah, blah!  If you want to make it, you can get all of those things on your own. I don’t know of one self-made man or woman who was ever totally interested in having such things provided for them. Think about this, if a company gives you all this "junk" but you sell 20M of business for them, how much are you really benefiting? Zilch. Sell the 20MM for yourself and obtain all of these things plus more, three-fold. Work hard and expect nothing.

5. Common sense is crucial. I have met so many smart people, in fact smarter than I consider myself to be. Guess what? Few of them are anything more than a normal executive working to fill their 401K and have enough for a Disney cruise at age 60. Forget it. Use common sense when doing business… it’s more important than having any sort of smarts.

6. Personal stability. One of the things that has helped me make all my financial dreams come true is managing a healthy relationship with my partner, maintaining great relationships with family and friends, working out and taking lots of time off. Time off is crucial to keeping the creative side of the mind working. Keep your sphere of influence full of great people, starting with those closest to you and the benefits will be outstanding.

7. Never fear. If you are afraid you are guaranteed to fail. All of us have experienced fear with clients or potential customers. Like the old saying goes, "build a house and someone will visit,” everyone loves new vendors. Get out of that box that you live in and hit the streets with your business ideas.  Let everyone know, they in turn will let everyone else know and if it makes sense, well now you have a business that can possibly help you create success and fortune.

8. Honesty. Be honest with your clients. Some sales people tend to stretch the truth. Clients read into that and your chances of success are minimized. Tell the clients the truth about what you are offering and then let them decide if it fits their needs.

9. Listen more and talk less.  Yes, listen to people!  Random people can give you such great ideas.  I met a guy who had a business, like mine, and who wanted to hire me. I choose not to work there. Instead, I decided to enhance his idea and now I am the president of AMG Worldwide.

10. Attitude and faith.  You must have faith and keep a positive attitude. The truth is, very few of us always have a positive attitude. If you can adjust to being about 80 percent positive you will prevail at almost anything.

Edward de Valle II, President of AMG Worldwide

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8 Responses to 10 Tips: How to Make it Big By 30

  1. T. babii. <3 says:

    i think this is a GREAT article. i am taking entrepreneurship classes and this article helped alot. thanks. 🙂

  2. NC A&T SU (Student) says:

    Very helpful to an independent person who believes their ideas are just as good or better than any big company out their. Currently battling with self-doubt issues concerning my dream and wondering if I am heading in the right direction. Solid, motivating advice.

  3. youngmoney says:

    this article is trash..one guy’s lucky stores doesn’t apply to everyone..especially in this economy..those aren’t tips..those are BS

  4. Rae-Lynn says:

    This article is full of sound advice and great tips! It doesn’t say everyone will make it, but if you’re wanting to go towards an entrepreneurial path, this is a good basic list of how to start training yourself to work and how to change your attitudes and views to accomplish such a path. I know the economy sucks right now, but have a little faith in yourself!

  5. sa says:

    Absolutely outstanding article. As someone who has been there and done it (and fortunately made it), I can say without a question that you are on the money with these great tips!

  6. Retireby25 says:

    Anyone who is complaing about and using the economy as an exuse should not be a entrepreneur… (youngmoney)

  7. Tony Philips says:

    Edward de Valle is a fraud and Americas Media Group are a scam company that should be avoided at all costs. They never paid our company on time for all the adverts they booked for their clients (eps the Panamanian developments like Trump Ocean Club Panama) in our magazines. Publishers beware and stay away from these bunch of con artists.

  8. Tony Philips says:

    Americas Media Group are a scam company who don’t pay for their ads. Edward de Valle is a con artist who leads all this.

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