Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Entrepreneur Success Stories: Shoeboxed

We all get paper receipts. After almost every transaction we make, a cash register creates a paper trail. These scraps of paper add up, and, over time, they can be extremely frustrating to deal with.

If you’re fed up with organizing (or losing) receipts, there may be a neat new solution for you. Shoeboxed.com is an innovative start-up out of North Carolina that can help you get your receipts under control.

Shoeboxed.com is a website where you can organize and manage your receipts. Whether you have to generate expense reports, need help filing your tax returns, or just want to keep track of your spending, Shoeboxed will help you save time and be in control.

You can scan and upload your receipts for free on Shoeboxed.com. You can also subscribe to send your paper receipts to us—we’ll scan, capture, and upload them for you.

To sign up for the mail-in service, go to start.shoeboxed.com.

How did this idea ever make it?
It may be crazy to think you can create a solution for something as ubiquitous and daunting as receipt clutter. With a vision to get rid of receipts altogether, we have been focused and determined to achieve our goals from the beginning.

Our mail-in program is the result of lots of hard work from a dedicated team. We started Shoeboxed literally from a Duke University dorm room. A team of highly motivated college students brought the company from nothing into the most trusted name in online receipt organization. We worked from Berlin, Germany as we were developing the product, and relocated back to North Carolina about a year ago. We are happy to be serving a large number of satisfied clients. At the age of 22, I’ve been lucky enough to experience how a company can grow so quickly from an idea to a fully functioning enterprise with almost 20 employees.

We have received angel funding from one of Germany’s most well-known entrepreneurs, Michael Brehm, founder of the two largest websites in Germany: studiVZ.net and schuelerVZ.net. Our CEO and Founder, Taylor Mingos, had worked with Michael on studiVZ in its early stages. Michael had a lot of confidence the idea of Shoeboxed and team behind it.

Challenges and looking toward the future
Shoeboxed launched its mail-in program last year with a promotion on the large social-networking blog, Mashable. Since then, we have been lucky to have extremely fast growth. Initially we faced a tremendous challenge in building out receipt scanning operation fast enough. We had slow turnaround initially, but have since invested heavily in our operations and are processing a huge volume of receipts in 1 to 3 business days on average.

As we look the future, we are excited about our mail-in program expanding and looking to other channels to make it easier to get receipts into people’s online Shoeboxed account.

With the great success we have seen so far, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs ask us for advice. I’d encourage you to be creative in coming up with an idea for your enterprise. You want to find something that solves a real problem for which people really need a solution. After you’ve got your idea, you really need to be willing to get your hands dirty and work. It takes a lot of time, energy, creativity and collaboration to be a successful entrepreneur.

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  1. @ZaggedEdge says:

    I’ve seen this idea pitched a ton of times; i’m glad someone was finally able to make it big. It had to be done electronically everyone knew that–but finally someone executed.

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