Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Anthony Morrison

When I was 21, WorldCom collapsed. My father lost all his life savings and I called upon my limited business experience to help pull our family out of the financial hole. Armed with motivation and limited funds, I created a successful Internet business distributing rare Mustang parts.

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Since then, I’ve enjoyed a wealth of success with numerous Internet businesses such as Affiliate Marketing, Cool Blue Performance, Invest Domains, Morrison Publishing, and Morrison Business. Over the past few years, I’ve expanded my business portfolio to other mediums (beyond the Internet).

Success breeds success. Thanks to my business success I have been able to position myself as a teacher, and an expert on entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve found success on the speaking circuit, hosting seminars where I can share my secrets for success. I’ve even written a book, The Hidden Millionaire.

A key tip I offer my students and readers is this: correctly marketing yourself and your business are vital to a successful Internet start-up. I started off using Internet marketing to its fullest potential—from search engine advertising to social network posting to banner ads. Internet marketing took me far, but it didn’t take me to the point I’m at now. Think outside the box; for example, could advertising a website using traditional mainstream media like television and print help to reach an entirely different audience? You can generate tons of revenue from an online business, but you have to be willing to expand your reach.

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Focus on doing something you love. Luckily, the Internet offers young business people without money (or even a degree) a chance to be successful. You can measure success in different ways. I’m only 25 years old and I am already considered a success. For one, my companies generate around $10 million a year in revenue. Additionally, companies that I’ve been involved with have excelled to the top of their industries—companies that I still consider to be in their infancy stages. Growth potential is yet another measure for success. However, I consider myself a success simply because I enjoy life and love what I do.

Anthony Morrison is the author of The Hidden Millionaire.

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163 Responses to Anthony Morrison

  1. Anna says:

    Robert – I got the same call yesterday. I ordered the book, figuring I know some who about online advertising maybe it would help me a bit. I didn’t order any extras or additional packages. Even when the order phone call exclaimed I had WON A FREE CRUISE!! like um.. how did I really just win a free cruise, i don’t think so. Anyway I had been getting random calls from a”PMI” fora couple days finally I was home and answered it. First it was a secretary asking if I would be interested in being worked with to be a testimonial. So I said sure. Then she transfered me to another guy. This guy talked to me for half hour about if I was in debt and what kind of credit cards I had blah blah blah and if I was positive I was motivated to work hard he would put in a good recomendation to his boss that I was right for their 25 people program to work with to be testimonials.
    So he transfers me to his boss, and this guy keeps me on the phone for an hour explaining the whole system and how it works and to their credit it sounds like it does work but the shady part is at teh end he says he wants me to pay $4,369. So I started asking him questions like “am I really one of 25, or do you really take anyone whos willing to pay??” and he wouldnt give me a straight up answer just jumped around it.
    So I said I had to move some money around and if he called me back in an hour i’d pay him. So i didn’t give him any money or any account information. Then I called my father and googled him and found this site.
    Needless to say I never answered his call backs or gave them any money.
    So for anyone who gets this call adn then play this game with you, its a scam. Your not special and your not one of 25.

  2. Vince says:

    Just went to “Free Seminar” at Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech Center. They had me fill out a registration card before I went in. I gave my name and address, but not my phone number or email. They rudely told me I had to give them a phone number. I told them I would give that to them if I liked the information I heard. I was told, even more rudely now, that if I didn’t give them my phone number, I don’t get in.. I left..

  3. Crystal says:

    CommentPeople check out Informical Review-\”Advertising from Home with Anthony Morrison\”. You will see poor suckers who\’ve been taken for thousands of dollars more than the initial $20 to buy the USELESS book. Any looser defending this guy are PAID EMPLOYEES read between the lines. There is a poor lady who went into this program with an open heart and mind and got screwed for $40k and made $7 return. What\’s wrong with that picture……A LOT!!!! The only people making any $$$ is Anthony and his crooked goones. Believe you and me no one that joins this dog and pony show make any money. The book is the beginning the call will come soon after ordering the useless book, and they goons will ask \”high trust questions\” all along to find out how much available credit you have available for them to suck out of you. Two weeks later you will get a call from their tax club wanting 5k or more to set your business up as s-corporation. This is all the beginning of a nightmare. Get this once you sign up Anthony and his goons will only give you 3-DAYS TO CANCEL-that\’s it once you pass your 3-days you WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF YOUR $$$ BACK! If they are such a stand up company why give 3 days to cancel….hmmmm. Because they are one Big Scam! I can\’t wait for that to come for class action suit againt this scammer.



  5. hvb says:

    Here you go>>> It is not easy like you see on t.v commercial ??? it have a catch behind you don’t know. be smart thaen scammer, I don’t know how scammer sleep at nignht and how e/she teach their children???
    Does’t he paid for the website or hosting!!! Ask yourself how much you paid for google or yahoo. com. b/4 you joint any make money from home!!! you need to reseach and request their business license. then you e-mail that to your senator or ask our President Barrack Obama, Mr . President will reply youre-mail and give you all information you need to vertify that company. Don’t be poolish of yourself when you heard how much $$$ they make. I don’t understand why the T.V company let them in,???????

  6. Derek Guthro says:

    Anthony Morrison’s system is a total rip-off and waste of time . All I tried to do is get the $1000 Wal-Mart gift card . What a nightmare . First , they ask you to complete a survey(which I did 4 TIMES) . Thats to give all these companies your address and phone # ( now they call me every 20 MINUTES during my work. Then every day , I get the same 2 emails – one says “congrats – your gift card is on its way” , the other email says that I have to complete more surveys to get the gift card – so more companies can get my phone number (like smc , equifax, military schools, etc etc) and call me all day long .
    This system sucks . I called customer service and she told me to contact the companies and tell them to stop emailing me. Well , DUH , then I wont get the Wal-Mart gift card .
    This system has you running around in circles , giving tons of companies your info , and it’s a fraud .

  7. Michael m says:

    Scammers are all around us i have had someone even sent me something in my email that if i helped them they would send me 7.2 million in british pounds but had to deliver it for some rich person that doesnt even have it to give to the poor. it starts out like a sob story which if your gulable you will fall for it. Not me by any means so really if you got 11 or 12 million dollars hanging around in the uk and want to exchange it for us dollars then find by me but beware that it is not true thats why if you want to make money do it on your own and call these people see if you can advertise for them without help from entreprenuer scammers help and see if can do the work drive their proffits up and get payed in return if it works for the scammer then it can work for the legitamate person trying to make some money the right way.

  8. Jason Canon says:

    His program is not worth the money. Invest instead in materials that actually give you the details necessary to succeed. I recommend “The Super Affiliate Handbook” by Rosalind Gardner.

  9. JAY says:

    Yes Anthony Morrison IS A SCAM!!!!

    It is a total scam. People like this make me sick. I have run an web development business for 15 years and thought I would investigate to see if they really can improve you online business and it’s a bunch of junk. You’ll end up on the phone for hours while they try to brainwash you and eventually end up on the phone with some poor kid who doesn’t know anything trying to size up your bank account, then you’ll get a high pressure team leader bully on the line trying to get your numbers.

    Here is a link to a person who lots 5 grand to these guys, don’t let it happen to you!


    They got me for 40 bucks. Oh yeah the first thing that happens is they change company names to follow up to take your money. That companies name is PMI EXPERIENCE PMIEXPERIENCE.COM IS THE SITE THEY SEND YOU TO.

  10. Ky says:

    Is this guy legit??

  11. Frank A. Stuart IV says:

    NIcely laid out website.
    Very professional.

    I just saw your infomercial and seem to remember a with a guarantee, The details of it that I remember were that if I don’t make back all the money I spent on your books ( are they e-books?), DVD’s etc. that I would receive a refund in the amount of all the money that I spent on getting your program. That’s true, correct?

  12. Caroline says:

    Sorry, this does not work….rip off.

  13. AL says:

    ANTHONY PLEASE PUT ALL YOUR BOOKS ON “CDs” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I really want them so I can drive and learn UR STUFF. How many others want or need it also????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

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