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Getting Synchronized with Amos Winbush III

CyberSynchs LLC, a privately owned New York based disruptive technology company, was started in June 2008, by twenty-six year old Amos Winbush III, after his Smart Phone crashed and thousands of essential files were lost. Finding no solution, he set out to build a universal wireless synchronization system that allows users to back up, manage and retrieve their mobile content, an idea that Winbush confesses that he “dreamt.” Necessity is indeed the mother of invention; sometimes the idea for starting a business comes from an adverse personal experience. That was certainly the case for Winbush.

The software used by CyberSynchs is designed to provide the user with the ability to transfer data in a safe and secure way to a new device, regardless of the type of device or its service provider. Offering this unique service has transformed CyberSynchs from a small start-up in a tiny studio apartment into a synchronization company valued at ten million dollars, in a very short amount of time. The company now develops a variety of software for synchronizing data.
If you don’t have the expertise, hire someone who does.

Like most entrepreneurs, Winbush said he was bit nervous at first. “Am I equipped to handle a start-up company?” Winbush asked himself. He knew that he needed to get the right people in the right positions and find advisors who could facilitate his company’s growth.

Winbush, a songwriter and singer originally from Louisiana, says that he loves technology. But he admits that software development was not his area of expertise. He already had a manager for his music business, who became a manager for CyberSynchs. He next looked for a software engineer, by placing an online ad. Within a day, he had three hundred hits. Happily, he chose Tyler Thackray, who is now the Chief Performance Officer (CPO) of CyberSynchs.

Finding the right resources and partners was crucial for CyberSynchs.

Initially, one of the challenges for Winbush was his lack of resources. Amos had no office at first and in the early months was conducting business at coffee shops and other public establishments. He admits that he has been savvy in getting himself integrated into the tech community and has been masterful at networking and making valuable connections. And, he’s been very careful and strategic about whom he has developed partnerships with.

From November 2008 until August of 2009, Winbush was able to use his own financial resources to support CyberSynchs. He then partnered with Momos Capital, a private investor that had invested in technology firms, but never in high technology start-ups such as CyberSynchs. Momos took a big risk with Winbush that seems to have worked out well for both entities.

Partnering with Sun Microsystems has also been an especially profitable partnership, for both Sun and for CyberSynchs. Sun Microsystems, which develops and markets computer software and information, had approached Winbush in October 2008. Amos admits that partnering has been his most effective marketing technique and tool. “It’s gratifying”, he says.

Catering to customers is a win-win deal.

“Customers are savvy and know that they want”, says Winbush. One of the things that surprised Amos was the speed at which CyberSynchs developed. “Things moved faster than I expected because of the market”, he states. At first it was difficult to gain attention, especially with the recession. Initially, a media blitz from newspapers and television caught the attention of potential customers. For only $2.99 monthly, customers can buy CyberSynchs services for unlimited data storage. With that kind of value, one can’t afford not to use this service!

But, customers have found their way to CyberSynchs mainly as a result of the partnerships with which the company is involved. As the company continues to grow, Winbush is working to develop relationships with global technology companies. Winbush stresses that having these solid partnerships have made all the difference.

Staying focused is essential to become a successful entrepreneur.

Winbush offers this advice to other young entrepreneurs. “Don’t be afraid. Planning and execution is the key. If it fails, you regroup and go another direction.” He warns others of this misconception; launching a company now does not mean that you will get acquired quickly. “Whatever you want you have to be able to work for it. Stay focused and it will happen. And don’t expect to be filthy rich overnight.”

A tough global economy, the lack of technological expertise, and his youth have not stood in the way of Amos Winbush III and his success with starting and developing CyberSynchs. He was able to use his business management skills, ability, and acumen from a completely different industry, that of the music business, and establish valuable business networks to transform CyberSynchs into an expanding company with a unique market niche that has practical applications for any consumer using portable electronic devices, which included just about everyone these days. This is a company to watch.

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