Friday, November 24th, 2017

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Have a Hunch?

Hunch.com wants to know. They also want to help you figure out your next decision. Looking for a dog? Maybe something more serious like choosing a stock to buy. Hunch.com is trying to map the preferences of internet traffic. I found that the dog for me is a Besenji -the “bark-less” dog. Right now I have a Miniature Schnauzer which could be called the “Bark-full” dog so perhaps I was leaning a bit the other way.

The idea behind Hunch and many of its kind, Trip Advisor and YELP! come to mind, is that there power in the collective opinion of each of us. What’s different about Hunch is that it helps you narrow the choices to find the one that’s right for you through a series of questions.

Hunch’s description of itself:
Hunch is designed to soak up collective knowledge and then organize it in a useful way to offer you smart recommendations. Hunch proposes custom recommendations for you that it wouldn’t necessarily give to somebody else. But at its core, Hunch’s recommendation algorithm is just a mathematical framework. It’s the users of Hunch who give the algorithm proper training and personality by contributing to it and making it clever, funny, and nuanced…. but most of all very useful in helping everyone to get smart, efficient recommendations.

Get a hunch on everything from how to punish BP to hairstyles.

Hunch attempts to drive consumers to purchase the product in question and receive a referral fee. It seems logical that they are also going to drive revenue by selling the data (anonymously) to the consumer focused companies mentioned in some of their hunches.

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