Monday, October 16th, 2017

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Hopkins Student Enterprise

Students at Hopkins can make their entrepreneurial dreams come true with a little help from Hopkins Student Enterprises (HSE). Hopkins Student Enterprises (HSE) is a venture capital fund and student business incubator that has been established to:
• Provide real-world entrepreneurial and leadership experience for students
• Become a source of employment and income for students of the University
• Deliver valuable products and services that benefit the greater Johns Hopkins community
• Foster student innovation and encourage the development of new business.
Part corporation, part student group, part classroom, and part internship: Hopkins Student Enterprises was created in the spring of 2006 by the Center for Leadership Education to offer student entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop their business ideas and implement them on campus. HSE provides valuable resources to student entrepreneurs on the Hopkins campus.
According to Luke Kelly-Clyne, a senior at Johns Hopkins University’s Krieger School of Arts and Sciences who serves as the current President of Hopkins Student Enterprises, “What makes Hopkins’ unique is its commitment to for-profit and non-profit enterprise. We try to make a difference in both hemispheres of the business environment and that is what makes HSE special.
“Since its founding, HSE has launched numerous profitable enterprises that serve the larger Baltimore-Washington D.C. community.
1. Hopkins Technology Commercialization Agency, a consulting firm that creates custom market viability assessments and business plans for University-affiliated or private, high-tech inventors
2. Hopkins Student Storage, a moving and storage company that provides affordable rates and door to door service to students across Hopkins campuses
3. Hopkins Delivery Enterprises, a package delivery service that provides birthday cakes and care packages to Hopkins students
4. Hopkins Student Creative Services, a graphic design firm that provides a full suite of  web design , graphic design, and video production services to a variety of University-affiliated and private clients in the Mid-Atlantic.
5. Hopkins Translation Services, Hopkins students act as Spanish and Mandarin translators for a variety of businesses and individuals.
6. Save the Future, a not-for-profit financial literacy organization that pairs Johns Hopkins students with Baltimore City high school students, in a tutor/tutee relationship.
Kelly-Clyne continues, “Starting a business is very rewarding, but it is by no means easy. It requires incredible perseverance and your job as an entrepreneur is never done. If you feel as though it is done, at any point, if your desire to innovate has gone, it means that you are not excited about the venture anymore and it is time to move on. Settling spells disaster for any business, whether new or established.
“College students have incredible ideas and are truly adept managers if given the chance. The kind of hustle shown by our employees is both admirable and integral to our Firm’s success. Hopkins Student Enterprises employs 25 Hopkins students and a talented managerial staff, consisting of:
Lily Seidel: Vice President of Marketing
Grant Silow: Vice President of New Business Development
Brandon Simms: Manager of Hopkins Student Storage
Laura Veldhuis: Manager of Hopkins Delivery Enterprises
Krisitna Madarang: Manager of Hopkins Student Creative Services
Kieran Gupta: Manager, Hopkins Technology Commercialization Agency
For more information visit www.hopkinsstudententerprises.org.

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