Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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I.G.: From Books to Records, Hobbies into Profits

I am a 19-year old high school graduate currently attending Broward College and studying International Business. I was brought up in Sistrunk, it’s a pretty rough neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale Florida and I’ve witnessed lots of graphic things from drug deals to dead bodies.  To escape from it, I would draw, over times my drawings would turn into stories and my stories turned into comics.  At age ten I started my first business called Underdog Comics.  I would use a plethora of computer paper and create stories from my imagination from Bubblegum Man to The Beetle. I would charge 25 cents and was a huge success at my elementary school. I BOUGHT SO MUCH CANDY!!  It was way back then I realized I had a thing for business.

My company, which was originally titled Intelligent Gangsters (later renamed to just I.G), is basically using a talent for a fiscal gain. It started back in 2008 when a friend and I were hanging out and thought of the idea to use his talent of graffiti and airbrushing to design shirts and sell them around the school and neighborhood.  Later we upgraded from airbrush to print screening which makes the image on clothes look much cleaner.

The idea was a success and with the money we made, we invested in studio equipment and started a recording studio for the local kids to record their music for a fee that was less then the competitors.  Next, I drafted others who had a talent, and launch new ventures, whether they would be successes, like hair-braiding and designs, or failures like shoe cleaning. Whether it is writing, drawing, music or just imagination, everyone can utilize their gift to new benefits. 

As the CEO, I look over these ventures and consider I.G as a conglomerate.  Using friends and connections from various states, and overseas like Puerto Rico and Jamaica, my products, which range from novels to albums, would be shipped and sold to the best of my abilities. Though the business is a conglomerate, each part of the business is connected due to the fact that they are the talents of various individuals who basically turned a hobby into profit.

Funding generally started from my bank account and personal savings then when the company started to get a name various people would give a donation, now I continue to fund it with a side job.

If I could offer one piece of advice it would be to make sure you enjoy whatever you do, even if its very lucrative… you don’t want to claw your way to the top and become a millionaire just to be miserable. I’m from the hood, the typical rough childhood and bad environment yet I’m doing this. I started my own business which is positive and I feel good about myself every time I think about that.  There is no excuse for not following your dreams and doing what you want to do

If you like the designs, are interested in hearing the music, or would like to get lost in one of our novels contact me at jason.igcorp@yahoo.com to see more or to place an order for shipment anywhere in the U.S.

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2 Responses to I.G.: From Books to Records, Hobbies into Profits

  1. Ismael "I$$UE" Tubens says:

    You are very amazing individual, congradulations on your many successes. You have inspired me to continue to attack my dreams, and to stop at nothing until I wake up and and my dreams are a reality. I pray that you continue to have much success, and to one day run into you at the top.

    Best Wishes,
    Ismael Tubens

  2. Svetlana Mikhaylova, PhD., JP Taravella HS Math Teacher says:

    I am very proud of you. At the same time, I feel myself guilty, because I never talked to you about this. Your story is amaizing! Thank you for sending me this article, I printed it and put on information board in my classroom.
    Good Luck!

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