Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Kauffman Foundation Funds Entrepreneurship Education

The Kauffman Foundation is providing funding to a group that offers intensive entrepreneurship education.The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives, is providing a grant to a Seattle-based group devoted to immersive entrepreneurship education.

Startup Weekend, as the group is known, operates 54-hour entrepreneurship "boot camps" that aim to teach budding entrepreneurs everything they need to know about getting a company off the ground. To date, 560 companies have been started as a result of Startup Weekend's efforts.

The nonprofit's events, Kauffman Foundation vice president of entrepreneurship Bo Fishback said, "give entrepreneurs the motivation and networking they need to take the next step in creating a successful startup."

Marc Nager, Startup Weekend's director, noted that the Kauffman grant would help his organization propel thousands of entrepreneurs into company ownership. The two groups' partnership, he said, will allow Startup Weekend "to harness the potential of our dream and passion."

Startup Weekend is a flagship event in Global Entrepreneurship Week, which takes place between November 15 and November 21 this year. For would-be entrepreneurs, it may be worth checking out. Who knows – the next company that gets launched thanks to Startup Weekend could be your own.

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  1. Ed Golterman-Golterman Historics, LLC. says:

    Kauffman Center for Performing Arts will make Kansas City-World Class. Not just a cliche. Congratulations. They are celebrating in unity and will reap the economic benefits. In St. Louis, a news black out covers the restoring of the historic Kiel Opera House and the Fox is taking control of MUNY. Kansas City is about to ‘erase’ St. Louis.

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