Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Newest iPhone Receives Positive Reviews in Advance of Release

The newest iPhone has received largely good reviews.A little more than one week after the introduction of the iPhone 4S, early reviews have begun to pour in with praise, comments and concerns about Apple’s new device.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the most important change to the device is not actually any upgrade to the hardware or the new cloud-syncing service, but the new artificial intelligence program, Siri. Distinguishing the program from older voice recognition programs with a limited set of fixed commands, the Journal notes that Siri allows for context and substantial variation in speech patterns.

Biran Chen of Wired attempted some of the most out-of-the-box tests for the program, telling the phone had a flat tired, he was drunk or was going to kill himself. Siri’s responses were, respectively, listings of nearby towing services, cab services and mental health agencies.

The New York Times reports that the majority of reviews were positive about the latest iteration of the iPhone, though some remain disappointed about the lack of exterior updates and limited hardware upgrades. Nonetheless, AT&T reports preorders for the phone have already broken records as the country waits for its release on Friday, October 14, according to Bloomberg.

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