Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Nonprofit Announces Job-Creation Initiative in War-Torn Countries

Bpeace's new initiative will partner companies in the developing world with entrepreneurs in war-torn countries.The nonprofit Business Council for Peace, or Bpeace, announced Thursday that it is kicking off a new program designed to provide assistance to entrepreneurs in countries wracked by war and strife.

The One Million Jobs initiative, as it is known, will work to pair entrepreneurs in nations like El Salvador, Rwanda and Afghanistan with mentors and financial backers in the developed world. Bpeace announced its new effort at the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting.

"Through corporate partnerships," Bpeace CEO Toni Maloney said, "we can support entrepreneurs and help them create new jobs that spark a multiplier effect that sustains families and boosts local purchasing power."

Economic growth, she noted, can help put struggling communities on "the path to prosperity and peace."

It's with that very idea in mind that Bpeace was founded. More jobs, the organization says, will result in less violence – and sustainable economic growth is essential to improving developing-world citizens' health and quality of life.

Bpeace demonstrates that entrepreneurship, if properly developed and encouraged, can be a force for good around the world.

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