Monday, October 16th, 2017

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Omaha Venture Group Brings Together Young Entrepreneurs

OVG brings together funding from many sources.Venture capital is more commonly associated with California’s Silicon Valley and highly leveraged millionaires investing in speculative tech ventures. The Omaha Venture Group, however, takes a slightly different approach, bringing a miniaturized version of the VC model to Midwestern non-profits.

Dusty Davidson describes his experience of OVG in a feature for the "Silicon Prairie News."

He depicts OVG’s model of fundraising as a combination of nonprofit and venture capital techniques:

"Based on the venture capital model of investing, young professionals make small personal or employee-assisted donations – also referred to as seed money – that are then invested into the OVG Grant Fund. Each year, three Omaha private family foundations make a donation of their own that matches the fund’s total."

The group leverages the resources of young entrepreneurs by pooling them together and then applying them to organizations that are near a "tipping" point. The return on investing in the OVG isn’t direct financial gain, but it pays dividends in the Omaha community and helps bring young professionals together in a non-commercial network.

OVG is constantly recruiting and seeking new members, with more information available via Sarah Gilbert at sarah@omahafoundation.org.ADNFCR-3389-ID-19870111-ADNFCR

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