Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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One Graduate’s Journey from Corner Office to Her Own Company

How one woman blazed her own path.Prerna Gupta apparently isn’t afraid to take chances. The young Stanford economics graduate jumped from a consulting gig to venture capital to her very own business in less than a year.

The New York Times published an article by the young entrepreneur on Sunday, giving her a platform to tell her story – and promote her business.

The story begins with Gupta striding confidently into a job at a prestigious – but unnamed – consulting firm in San Francisco. She describes the perks of her job, the generous pay and palling around with the rich and powerful.

Then, she writes of her persistent sense of dissatisfaction and the sense that her job was going nowhere.

"It felt wrong to be dreading work at such a young age. I wanted to wake up each morning excited about what was ahead. I wanted to create something of my own," she said.

She tried venture capital, hated that too, and decided to start her own company. Gupta and her husband built a social networking site, then moved onto a firm which makes a musical iPhone application that now ranks among the top 20 paid music applications in the iTunes store.

Gupta took her destiny into her own hands, and she thinks that with enough passion and hard work, she might be able to make realize her goal – a satisfying, meaningful company that is her own creation.

It doesn’t hurt to get a profile in the Sunday New York Times, either.ADNFCR-3389-ID-19892993-ADNFCR

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