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One Kid Making a Positive IMPAC

Positive IMPAC (Intelligent Minds Pursuing Change), Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization that was developed to inspire leaders of tomorrow. Positive IMPAC Inc. was foundered by Antione Hudson Jr., a Junior and honor roll student at the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. Antione is 17 years old and a varsity athlete in both football and basketball.

Positive IMPAC Inc. was created because Antione believes youth are underexposed and lack the basic fundamentals skills and knowledge that are essential for success.
YOUNG MONEY: Tell me about Positive IMPAC. What is your company’s mission? Do you hold events? Are you active in the community in other ways?
Our mission is to “Empower individuals, enhance knowledge, allow networking and to effectively assist in the areas of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Financial Education.”

I am totally committed to working with my organization. Between my school work, school sports and SAT preparation I am extremely busy.
YM: What is Choices? How did you come up with the idea for this game?
“Choices” is a community based interactive game that teaches youth about financial principles, entrepreneurship principles as well as life skills. “Choices” workshops have been hosted at local recreation centers. Our workshop teaches youth in an interactive way thing such as: the history of money, credit score, taxes and why we pay them and how to choose a career. In addition, in the game “Choices” the attendees are giving a salary, fake money; they are assigned a budget as well as a financial advisor. So far we have reached over 400 participants.   They are asked to make investments and they are taught how to manage their money, all within the game of “Choices.” There are over 21 exhibit stations for the attendees to go to teach them about financial education and entrepreneur principles. I came up with the idea for the organization because I wanted the workshops to be community based and interactive. I also wanted the workshops to be an opportunity for youth to network.
YM: Why did you form this company? Was there something specific in your life that put you on this path? Or was this something that you’ve always wanted to do?
My Mother from a young age has always stressed the importance of financial education to me. From teaching me about the stock market to drilling the importance of good credit my mom has been my inspiration. As I got older she encouraged me to do something extracurricular aside from sports. So I thought why not create something that would teach youth what my mother taught me.

YM: On your company website you have other staff members listed. How did you get them involved? How have they helped you?
All staff personnel are friends and family. When they heard about my organization, they were ecstatic about helping. 

YM:  You are in high school. Do you plan on attending college? Will you continue with Positive IMPAC while you are in college?
Yes and Yes. I have a great interest in studying economics and finances. Hopefully, by that time I am in college, I will have assembled a great staff as well as volunteers that will continue to help me carry out and progress my vision.

YM: Why did you choose to make your company a non-profit?
My goal was to help the youth in the inner city community. Normally companies that are for profit don’t help everyone who is in need. Thus, I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my mission without creating my company as a non-profit.

YM: Was becoming a non-profit difficult? What was the hardest thing about becoming a non-profit? 
The difficulty with creating the non-profit was not filing the paperwork, however, it was embedded in the strenuous fight to build relationships and to secure funding.

YM: What are the benefits to being a non-profit?
Seeing youth participating in positive activities, coupled with them learning something important that will assist them later in life.

YM: Do you have any advice for any other young entrepreneurs who are thinking of forming a non-profit?
Firstly, go for it! Anyone trying to do something for a good cause gets two thumbs up from me. Secondly, do some research and make sure you understand that nothing comes easy. Finally, assemble a group of people to assist (no one can do it alone). And oh yeah, always stay positive and never give up.

YM: What do you hope to accomplish with this company?
I hope to be able to reach as many youth in the inner city as possible. I want them to see me and know that you can never judge a book by its cover. Be intelligent does not have a face; I would like for youth to know that you can be smart and cool! I would like for youth to be encouraged for doing good in school, I would like to teach principle that will help youth in their future, I would like to allow other youth that want to give back do so through my organization.
• I would like to someday create a Peer/Tutoring and Mentoring Program
• I would like to create a 4-week course that will coincide with our current workshops so that we may teach the principles that we teach in our 3 hour workshop more in-depth.

YM: What has been the greatest thing you have experienced since forming your company?
It’s rewarding at every one of our events, to physically witness youth learning and understanding about finances and money management. I had no idea that the workshops would teach the attendees so many things.

YM: What surprised you the most?
I was so surprised to see the youth participants so engaged in the workshops and serious about learning.  We have had several participants return to every workshop.
YM: Do you have any upcoming events planned?
Yes, our next event will be held on March 27, 2010 from 12-3:00PM at the Fort Davis Recreation Center 1400 41st SE, Washington, DC 20017

For more information: http://www.positiveimpac.org/

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