Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Shure Pets Is a Sure Bet

Andrew Shure took his love for animals and his entrepreneurial spirit and turned them into Shure Pets. Shure Pets is the proud category innovator and nation’s leader in the distribution of pet products through independent sales representatives, known as Pet Consultants, and the hosting of at-home Pet Parties. By offering an exclusive product line, enjoyable business opportunities and a social network for pet lovers, Shure Pets’ direction reflects today’s nationwide passion for pets, their health and happiness. The vision of Shure Pets is simple. A pet products company which offers a wide variety of merchandise through a loyal family of Pet Consultants that is truly knowledgeable and passionate about animals. Each Pet Consultant is able to participate at a level in accordance to his/her personal circumstances. Shure Pets’ Consultants are given the opportunity to develop their own business and are also given the freedom to be their own boss. 

YOUNG MONEY: What gave you the idea to start this business?
I established the company in 2002 because of my appreciation of the connection people share with their pets, and an aspiration to further foster these relationships. The nationwide presence of Shure Pets is coast to coast as a result of our passion for animals, competitive edge, work ethic and dedication to a “listen and learn” philosophy regarding both our Pet Consultants and customers. I have always been intrigued with people’s relationship with our pets, and I believe that Shure Pets empowers pet lovers to be their own boss in a profession they love as well.

YM: What surprised you the most?
The high degree of interest and enthusiasm from the consultants that sign up. I’ve found that people are very interested, passionate, and dedicated to growing their business with Shure Pets and motivated to make as much money as they can through the process, all the while networking and having fun. Traditionally, consultants signing up were interested because of their passion for animals and their pets. In recent years however, they are still just as passionate but this interest has shifted to a different breed of consultants who are really looking to make as much money as they can and be successful with the company, which has been very surprising.

YM: How many employees do you have?
We have five employees within the Shure Pets office that work for our company directly. Since we are a direct sales company, thousands of consultants conduct business through Shure Pets across the country, although they are not direct employees of Shure Pets, they are out their promoting the business and making money through their own endeavors every day.

YM: How do you get your name out there and get customers? What has been your most effective marketing technique or tactic?
Network, network, network! Every time I meet someone new I mention my endeavors and the opportunity to become a Shure Pets consultant. I tell my consultants to carry catalogs with them, so they can give them to new friends, acquaintances, and even people in line at the grocery store. I also utilize Facebook and MySpace to meet new people and tell them about the business, and my consultants do the same. Many of my consultants have their own personal web pages as well. We create an interest virally, providing our consultants with the tools to encourage each to host parties and sponsor others, and as a result, the business keeps growing!

YM: What effect has the recession had on your business?
In the current economic environment, I’ve found that people are seeking new and innovative ways to supplement their income, and direct selling provides people with a platform to make great money while networking and keeping busy. People are turning to direct selling because it can be immediate solution to earn supplemental income in a world where the job market is not secure or consistent. It also gives people the freedom to make their own schedule, with successful direct sellers getting as much out of the experience as they put in. The current economic situation is yielding people to be more adventurous and aggressive with their sales, pushing the envelope to deliver even greater results. Shure Pets offers a unique opportunity bridging the entrepreneur sprit with the growth of the pet category.

The number of independent Shure Pets representatives has increased throughout the last year, with the number of leads increasingly steadily over the course of 2009. More interestingly, the type of consultants signing up has changed drastically over the last year—originally, consultants were often looking for a fun hobby, and now they are really seeking a main or supplementary source of income during these dismal times. People are now asking, “How can I make money and be successful? What do I need to do to excel in direct sales?” And I give my consultants all the tools and insight they need to be successful, particularly telling them to be as active and involved in the community as possible, and they will see great results.

YM: If you could offer one piece of concrete advice to other people, what would it be?
As far as direct sales is specifically concerned, success will follow if you believe in the product you’re selling. Convey a positive attitude, think outside the box when you’re considering who to market to and be honest and forthright. Learn as much as you can about the details and/or ingredients behind the products, have face-to-face conversations with people about the products you’re selling—it’s oftentimes more effective than email.  Touch everyone that you meet in your day—those you least expect to become a customer may very well surprise you.  Be personable, knowledgeable and friendly, and this business will be good to you.

YM: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?
Overall, becoming involved in direct sales through Shure Pets is a great way to network, meet new people, learn new skills, and prevent gaps on resumes that can turn-off future employers. Consultants can gain valuable work experience that will further their goals in the job search. Through Shure Pets, independent consultants can enjoy the advantages of working in direct sales while searching for a full time-job. This includes a flexible working schedule, gaining valuable sales experience to bolster your resume, and making money while preventing gaps on a resume. It is easy to become involved, and consultants can work on their own schedules and on their own time to make money during the interim. Consultants can take on other freelance jobs and work, have a flexible schedule when job interviews do arise, and work as much as their schedule allows.  

Are you interested in direct sales? For more information, visit: http://www.shurepets.com/

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