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2003 CEO Elevator Pitch Competition First Place Winner

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization held its First Annual CEO Elevator Pitch Competition in Chicago on November 7, 2003. Students were given two minutes to present their business ideas to a panel of judges. A team from Brigham Young University won first place honors and was awarded a $150 cash prize for their genealogy software company business plan presentation.

The BYU team’s idea is named One Page Genealogy and boasts a new technology that allows a user to print out an entire family tree on a single sheet of paper. For example, a person could trace their lineage back to the 1300s and display the results instantly on a 3′ x 4′ document. The group now hopes to enter its school’s own elevator pitch competition and have the business up and running by mid-2004.

What follows is the entire business plan presentation as it was presented at the 2003 CEO Elevator Pitch Competition.

My name is Adam and I am with One Page Genealogy.

One Page Genealogy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to researching using technology to improve genealogy research.

Now, to give you an understanding of our opportunity:

My father, Mike, is a genealogical enthusiast. He spends hours of his time in front of a computer entering in data about his family – when they were born, when they died, etc. Mike has a notebook over five inches thick with printouts of his genealogy information. He can never find the information he needs between all of the footnotes, complex history charts, etc. I certainly get lost when I look at his notebook, and frankly, I would not even want to start to dig through his information.

My dad’s family is important to him, as are all of our families. We want him, and the millions of other genealogists in the world to be able to use the research they spend so much time on.

One Page Genealogy takes all of the information stored on these hundreds or thousands of individual printouts and combines them into one succinct and attractive printout that families will be proud to frame on their wall, or use in their genealogy research.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is One Page Genealogy:

[Show Product]

Now, 99 percent of you are thinking: “I am not a genealogist; I don’t even think my information exists out there.” (Honestly, I am not either) but for 90 percent of you, we could log on right now and generate a print-out for your family within minutes because chances are it is already done for you.

[Kolby (co-presenter) starts speaking]

Thanks, Adam.

Aside from pornography, genealogy is the number one most researched topic on the Internet. I mean honestly, I am sure everyone here today has seen or received a pop-up or banner ad for ancestry.com. The market is huge and the potential is even greater.

Our target market is individuals between the ages of 35-60. But, you know, the beautiful thing is that the market is global! It doesn’t matter if you are Japanese, Chinese, Italian, North American, or South American. As long as you have a pulse, and you care about where you came from…YOU WILL BUY IT!

Let’s take a look at the cost structure and profit analysis:

The major expense incurred with software development is by Research and Development:

  • BYU Computer Science department has produced all of the software for OPG for FREE!
  • Revenue per page: $50
  • Cost per page: $5-8

The margins are great!

One Page Genealogy creative team

Special Thanks to:

Dr. Thomas Sederberg – Project director and advisor

Dr. Bill Barrett – Project director and advisor


Josh Jenny – Programmer and developer

Joseph Cooper – Programmer and developer

Nick North – Programmer and developer

Business Developers:

Will Titera – Accounting director

Kolby Oswald – Marketing director

Adam Abraham – Operations director

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