Friday, November 24th, 2017

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Global Entrepreneur Week, Holiday Jobs, Holiday Identity Theft

Global Entrepreneur Week
This week was Global Entrepreneurship Week: the worlds first-ever celebration of enterprising behavior. Recognizing the global nature of many of the challenges we face, Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to connect enterprising young people with their counterparts all over the world, and ultimately create a global movement of entrepreneurial people.

Seventy seven countries took part in the first Global Entrepreneurship Week, with more than 13,000 worldwide events and over 5 million participants.

Big name supporters included UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicholas Sarkozy, Singaporean President S.R. Nathan, United Nations Development Programme administrator Kemal Dervis, Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Those supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week also included big name entrepreneurs and leading business figures: Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group; Pan Shiyi, founder of SOHO China; Russell Simmons, U.S. hip hop pioneer; Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer; Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple; Sir Alan Sugar, founder of Amstrad and star of UK The Apprentice.

Fewer Teens Interested in Entrepreneurship
In its seventh annual “Teens and Entrepreneurship” poll, Junior Achievement has found that 13-18 year olds are less interested in starting their own businesses than they were a year ago. In 2007, 67% of teens indicated an interest in entrepreneurship; in 2008 that number declined to 60%—perhaps as a result of the stagnating economy.

Teens cited “unemployment,” “possibility of recession,” and “the federal budget deficit” as the top three threats to the U.S. economy. But in a show of optimism, more than half (53%) predicted they would be better off financially than their parents.

With the national unemployment rate at 6.5%, independent-minded teens who were interested in starting a business cited “earn more money” and “I don’t want to work for someone else” as the top reasons why they would be interested in starting a business.
Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.


Nearly 80% of Gen Y Seeking  Holiday Jobs
Four out of five college students and young graduates are looking to make extra money or gain experience during the holidays, according to the annual Holiday Jobs Survey conducted by Experience, Inc.

The troubled economy looks to be a significant factor in securing seasonal jobs in 2008: although 79% of Gen Y respondents reported they plan to work during the upcoming winter break, only 22% confirmed they have landed a part-time or full-time job. Of those still looking, more than half (53%) think they are unlikely to secure a position.

Gen Y job seekers anticipate finding employment through their university career centers (22%), word-of-mouth (23%) and online job boards (21%). They rated the following areas as the most desirable holiday jobs:

• Retail (24%)
• New internship (23%)
• Hotel/restaurant (18%)
• Vacation destination (13%)

College students are primarily seeking work to earn extra money (32%) and to gain experience (27%). When asked specifically about holiday spending habits, 67 percent reported they do not accumulate debt over the holidays related to gifts or entertainment. The majority (75%) said they spend less than $500 on gifts for family and friends.

Holiday Identity Theft 
Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in North America. Historical records show that during a recession white collar crimes such as fraud increase, and the likelihood of identity theft is compounded during the holiday season. In addition to the standard steps consumers can take to protect their identity, they can be empowered by knowledge and know what their risk is of having their identity stolen. 

BasePoint Analytics®, a leader provider of scientific fraud and risk analytic scoring solutions, now offers the BasePoint Identity Theft Risk Assessment.  You can get a "risk score" in minutes by completing a free 10-questions risk assessment survey at http://www.basepointanalytics.com/myrisk/.  Instant results include a personalized risk score, which indicates a U.S. consumer’s risk of identity theft based on current behaviors and past experiences.  In addition to the risk score, consumers learn the top factors underlying their risk level, and a list of key actions to take to better secure their identity. 

Created by the fraud scientists at BasePoint Analytics who successfully predicted the impending implosion of the mortgage industry and saved the financial services industry more than a billion dollars in fraud losses, this free Identity Theft Risk Assessment survey is being offered to arm you with knowledge and recommendations to preventing their identities from being stolen.

“BasePoint applied its predictive pattern-recognition technology and knowledge to create this unique assessment of identity theft risk. This same approach has been proven to precisely identify high risk payment transactions and mortgage loans, preventing billions of dollars of fraud losses for leading financial institutions globally,” said Tim Grace, President and CEO of BasePoint Analytics.

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