Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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The Dirty Truth About Success

I’m tired of people who say success isn’t about money. Success is absolutely about money. You do need to be rich to be successful. The truth may be dirty, it may not be something you want to print on a coffee cup and give to your mom, but it’s still the truth. Money is an integral part of any success story, and anyone who tells you different is full of crap.

Before you get your skivvies in a twist know that I am not saying the person who has the most money, wins. Success is not about counting your money, it’s about freedom, and those people with more money enjoy a freedom only money can buy.

People who can do whatever they want, when they want, with whomever (or for whomever) they want are the ultimate success stories. And all of that becomes really easy with money. Money is not the point, but it is the means. So it’s got to be a goal, otherwise life is going to be hard. Or boring. Or both.

You may not want a jet set life, but whatever you do want, money will make it possible. Look at Mother Theresa. She was a huge success, helping tens of thousands of poverty-stricken people on the streets of Calcutta. But none of that would have been possible without money. Being a nun she didn’t have her own money and made a commitment to live without, but she got damn good at raising the money she needed to manifest her idea of success.

It’s time for you to get rich. Rich is good. Don’t be afraid to set a goal to be rich and shout it from the rooftops. It doesn’t mean you’re callous or materialistic. And it doesn’t mean you’re missing the point, ignoring the journey, or focused on all of the wrong things. It means you’re smart, really smart. Because when you’re rich you can do whatever you want. And that is the definition of success.

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6 Responses to The Dirty Truth About Success

  1. kelly's class says:

    This article is wack!

  2. kelleys class says:


  3. danny P says:

    money…money…moneymoney……………….Money. All day everyday

  4. Scott B says:

    Money here, money there, money coming out of my underwear.


  5. Mike Michalowicz says:

    Danny P,

    You got it, partly… IMHO. I think it is freedom, freedom, freedom all day and every day. And money is the tool to achieving it.

  6. Andrew Dumais says:

    Mike, I believe too that freedom is the key. It does seem hard to focus on sometimes that you have to be about the money when you want to just focus on providing massive value to your customers, but it is true that cash flow is the life blood of your life and any business. The bottom line can sometimes fall away from people and that’s not good.

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