Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Go Big or Go Home

It’s not rocket science: Big challenges lead to big accomplishments; the bigger the challenge, the bigger the benefit, you know the drill. You don’t have to be reminded to think big—you hear it every day on Oprah. So what’s the hold up? What’s stopping you from going for the pie in the sky?

What? Why are you looking at my blog like that? How the heck would I know why you have lead shoes? I’m not your therapist. What I can offer you are a few choice payoffs to braving the big challenges that may not have occurred to you.

Others Will Cave
The road to success is full of potholes, traffic jams, and gigantic walls that seem insurmountable. Believe it or not, this is great for you, because when faced with obstacles most people cave.

You know that phrase, “you’ve got a one-in-a-million chance?” I call that BS. Sure there are a lot of people that want what you want, but most of those people aren’t really serious. So that leaves about 500,000 folks who are going to give it a go—until the first bump, that is.

With the wannabes out of the way you’ve got maybe 100,000 contenders. But here’s the thing, half of them don’t have what it takes. They don’t have a rock solid belief system that will carry them through the tough times. They don’t have the stamina, or the thick skin, or the ability to innovate and problem solve.

Of the 50,000 or so people going after the same big deal dream, almost all of them will spend money they don’t have on something they don’t need, and then close up shop before they reach the finish line. I’m serious. It happens every day.

Now you have a one-in-one thousand chance. How do you like those odds? Your big challenge just got easier, and believe me, you can close the gap fast just by knowing that you will close the gap.

Your Big Accomplishment Just Got Bigger
With few people going for it and almost no one achieving it, the fact that you pulled it off is a really big deal. Huge. Michael Phelps huge. You have gone where few have gone before, and accomplished something that even fewer have dared to try.

Simply by going for it and sticking with it, your payoff just doubled with no additional effort. You’ve got to love that!

So go big or go home. It’s easier than you think.

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