Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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Good in Bed? You May Be A Natural Entrepreneur!

I know what you’re thinking. Everything comes down to sex, right? Or maybe you’re freaking out; worried that the truth about your bedroom (or backseat) sex-capades may be what stands between you and your entrepreneurial dream come true.

Relax. Take it easy. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

So…how do you measure up in the sack?

I’m playin’ with ya, true. But your sex life really can give clues to how you will…ahem…perform as an entrepreneur. Case in point:

1. Kinky – If you’ve got stories, I mean crazy stories that would make Angelina Jolie blush, you likely have what it takes to do this other crazy thing – launch a business. Even if you’re just a little bit adventurous between the sheets it’s a good sign.

Entrepreneurial success requires the willingness to take risks. Plug and chug missionary-bores need not apply. Go out on a limb, try new things, think outside the box. Your business – and your sex life – will be rockin’!

2. Focused – Sex is better when you’re focused on your partner, and I don’t mean just during the act. Whether you’re married, living together, or just figuring it out, giving your partner your undivided attention is key.

The same is true in business, where commitment to your company is essential for success. If you’ve got great focus in bed you can manage it in business. (And vice versa.) But, if your sex life is a regular wham-bam thank you ma’am, you probably aren’t going to be the king of customer attention. Not a good foundation for building a business.


3. Partner Pleaser – Folks with a “you first” approach to sex are likely to provide excellent customer service. Your desire to please your partner speaks to your desire to cultivate happy clients, and your willingness to put their needs before your own – at least temporarily.

A satisfied customer is a giving and loyal customer. And as a partner pleaser, you know all about the benefits of keeping em’ satisfied!

4. Pleasure Seeker – If you’re also concerned about your own pleasure, you’re likely to favor a win-win approach in business, one where you and your colleagues and clients both come away feeling great about the experience.

Besides, pleasure seekers are looking for passion in life, and in business. Without passion you can’t sustain the energy you required to launch and build a business. So just own up to it – goal oriented pleasure gets a bad rap, anyway.

5. Work Horse – Unless you’ve never had a relationship that lasted longer than six months, you know that sometimes you just have to give it up to keep it going. You’ve got to go the extra mile to keep the spark alive.

Entrepreneurs have many mornings when they would rather stick a fork in their eye than go back to the grind. But if they want to be a success, they do it anyway.

Before you freak out and worry about what your last date would say about your sexual prowess, remember you have to like the person to have great sex. If you’re not hitting home runs maybe you haven’t found the right one. You have to like your industry, have passion for your company, if you want to have great sex…err, success.

And if you are a superstar in the sack, enjoy it while it lasts. You’re not going to have much time for it once you launch your business!

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7 Responses to Good in Bed? You May Be A Natural Entrepreneur!

  1. Peggy says:

    I liked your post last week, but this one is friggin’ awesome!

    It makes me feel a little bit better about a few things I’ll keep to myself, and a whole lot better becoming an entrepreneur.

    Now I’m thinking about all of the guys I once knew…hmm…

  2. K.L. Michaels says:

    Hmmmm…You’ve given me a lot to think about…

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    Bang on!

    Oh, I mean, to the point and very cleverly put.

  4. Matt says:

    This is hysterical! I would be curious to see how Richard Branson would view this article.

  5. Andrew says:

    This is so true. I’ve heard that the same attributes of a good lover can be found in many of the entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many of them end up having trouble settling down, but they still find the energy to be young. That seems like the key to a great life!

  6. Toilet Paper Entrepreneur says:

    Peggy- what an opening comment!This is an open community, please do share!

  7. Scott B says:

    OMG! You had me at the picture. Love this blog!

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