Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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VIDEO: Sales Strategies in a Down Market

In Mike Michalowicz’s book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur he is talking to "the steadfast innovators who make miracles happen with three sheets or less."

Right now the economy is bad and the market isn’t doing too well. This is the time for so-called miracles.

In the foreward of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Mike lists his top eight TPE attributes. Number one is "The TPE Cultivates a Powerful Foundation of Beliefs: A TPE knows that success is nearly 100% determined by his or her beliefs, not education, means, or circumstance. When TPEs believe they will achieve something and then back it up with relentless, persistent action, it will happen."

The video below is full of strategies to increase sales in a down economy. Things may feel scary and goals may seem unobtainable, but, if you believe in your success and follow these simple strategies, then you can make the impossible possible.

So, enjoy "Sales Strategies in a Down Market."

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