Friday, November 17th, 2017

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U.S. Approves First Flying Car

Flying cars could soon join the daily traffic, though they should still be on the ground.When the millennium came and went without HAL taking control, a lot of people began to wonder why the future everyone expected had yet to arrive. Some people had settled for the rise of smartphones and tablets, but now Americans will finally get what they have waited for so long. CNET reports that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has approved the country’s first flying car.

The Terrafugia Transition could actually be described more as a driving plane, designed less for the daily commute and more for easy transit to and from local airstrips. The 19-foot-long, 26-foot wingspan Transition can carry two people and a limited amount of cargo a range of around 500 miles in the air. Changing from car to plane takes less than one minute.

While the Transition only requires a driver’s license on the ground, in the air it requires the same sport pilot license as similarly sized planes. Nonetheless, at $250,000 each, the Transition offers interesting potential for pilots looking to simplify the ride home or save on storage costs.

CNET first reported on Terrafugia in 2006, when a group of MIT students decided to try to make the dream of flying cars a reality.

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