Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Windows and Intel Look to Establish Place in Mobile Market

Microsoft looks to capture more of the amateur developer crowd.The electronics market has shifted dramatically in recent years as consumers focus more on mobile platforms and applications. This has pushed traditional heavyweights like Windows and Intel out of the limelight, but both companies are looking to expand their role in the mobile market starting with their upcoming conferences, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft is set to unveil its new Windows 8 at its Build conference, the successor to the long-running Professional Developer Conference. The Journal suggests the goal of the conference seems in large part to be attracting broader interest than the company’s traditional programmers.

Intel meanwhile is set to unveil new developments in its processor technology that could reduce its power consumption and increase its utility for phones and other mobile devices.

These moves largely look to follow a middle path between mobile and desktop computing, allowing programmers to make use of their technology in either application without drastically reworking the software.

PC Magazine notes that, despite their often shared trajectory, Intel and Microsoft could soon see a split as Windows 8 is set to be run on ARM chips produced by many other manufacturers.

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