Saturday, May 28th, 2016

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Amazon introduces unlimited music storage

Amazon's Cloud Drive offers unlimited music storage.The introduction of iCloud and its Match service are likely to remain the biggest news in cloud music for some time, but now at least it has some competition. Last week, Amazon announced a new offer that would let customers store their entire music library for as little as $20 per year, according to Time.

Amazon's Cloud Drive offers cloud-based storage combined with streaming services for music. The service offered a limited amount of space for free and a decent 20 gigabytes with the purchase of any album, but anything more began to get a bit unwieldy, with 100 gigabytes costing $100.

Now Amazon has remedied that issue by offering free music storage with the purchase of 20 gigabytes of capacity, still only $20 each year. This could mean 20 gigabytes of videos and 2 gigabytes of music, or nothing in the space actually being purchased and 200 gigabytes of music.

In addition, the music streaming Cloud Player has been fixed to function with the Apple devices, which had turned many people away from the service.

Nevertheless, Match still holds several advantages over Cloud Player, not the least of them being the Apple name itself. Already as many as 30 percent of iPhone users are considering paying for the service, according to a survey from RBC.

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