Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Amazon Set to Announce New Tablet

The new Kindle Fire will represent a major change from the traditional e-reader.The tablet market has quickly grown crowded little more than one year after the release of the successful iPad. Some believe that the next big shift could come as soon as Wednesday, September 28, however, as Amazon prepares to announce its own new tablet.

TechCrunch reports that the upcoming press conference with Amazon was called with the intention of introducing the new Kindle Fire, the tablet version of the Kindle. The device will not be available for more than a month afterward, but the company appears to have decided to preempt the upcoming Nook Color 2 scheduled to be released in October.

Amazon's new tablet has drawn interest as a possible rival for the iPad because of the easy access to the site's substantial content catalog. Amazon has acted to supplement this already impressive resource by striking a deal with Fox for certain shows and movies as well as making arrangements with several of the biggest magazine publishers, according to AllThingsD.

Present indications suggest the price should remain at $250, but could rise as high as $300, and it is similarly unclear whether the Amazon Prime shopping service will be included.

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