Monday, November 20th, 2017

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Apple Surprises With iPhone 4S

Apple released its iPhone 4S this week.Despite the built-up excitement and anticipation, Apple did not introduce the iPhone 5 at its latest product release on Tuesday, October 4. Instead, the company unveiled an updated version of its latest phone, calling it the iPhone 4S.

ZDNet reports that the move was received with uncharacteristic negativity, with the update not living up to many peoples' high hopes. The iPhone 4S offers many of the same features as its predecessor, with the same chassis and only a slight modification to its antenna.

The two main additions to the iPhone 4S are an upgraded 8-megapixel camera and Siri, a voice command tool.

Though the additions have disappointed some people, The Washington Post reports that the camera takes noticeably better pictures and the logic engine behind Siri actually offers surprising depth. Siri allows users to ask realistic questions or make substantial requests and the device can often deliver, citing examples such as scheduling meetings and finding nearby movie theaters.

Despite some positive reviews, CNET reports that Apple stocks dropped sharply, falling as low as $355 per share, and had yet to rebound fully at the start of trading on Wednesday.

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