Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Cloud-in-a-Box Could Shift Development of Cloud Computing

Intel looks to condense all this into a suitcase.Cloud computing has largely seemed like a trend toward pushing computing responsibilities off to distant data centers, but a growing number of companies are actually offering cloud resources on a smaller scale.

ZDNet reports that Intel recently introduced what it calls "the world's smallest datacenter." The setup is not technically a product, since the company has not announced any kind of price or plans, instead using the device to highlight Intel's own solutions and other services.

Composed of two 1U servers equipped with Xeon processors, the mini-data center is smaller than a rolling suitcase and ideally suited for product demonstrations, creating a potential market for the product should Intel ever choose to pursue it.

Last year, meanwhile, Cloud Computing Journal noted that Oracle had introduced its Exalogic Elastic Cloud designed to offer a scalable cloud infrastructure with minimal complication.

In addition to the potential for transportable clouds, each of these options increases the potential for geographically distributed clouds, limiting the need for central data centers with massive bandwidth. While less useful for applications with larger processing demands, this trend could help companies with numerous smaller offices.

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