Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Ford Emphasizing Tech Integration

Ford's has shifted its emphasis to fuel efficiency and computer integration.The growth of mobile apps is hardly restricted to smartphones and tablets. As more people find more uses for mobile computing, Ford aims to give its customers access to all the same tools from their car as well, according to Bloomberg.

Since recording more than $30 billion in losses between 2006 and 2008, the iconic auto company has shifted its priorities in car design. The company invested heavily in the creation of AppLink and its associated voice control program, Sync, as well as integrating touch-screens into more of its vehicles.

Now Ford has put out the call for its own app designers, as the company looks to tailor programs to its own strengths. Last year Dice Holdings found that Detroit was the fastest growing area for technology jobs and Ford’s connected service solutions team is set to quadruple in size.

“I laid out the product opportunities that we had with our senior management here at Ford, and asked for an even more aggressive growth curve,” team director Dough VanDagens told Bloomberg. “After seeing the product plan, everyone was all in.”

ZD Net reports Ford has also teamed up with Nuance Communications to improve the capabilities of Sync.

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