Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Google Music Service Coming Without Some Key Components

Google hopes to challenge Apple on music sales.Another serious challenger to Apple’s iTunes Store is likely to be released this week. CNET reports that internet search giant Google plans to announce the introduction of its Google Music service at a media event on Wednesday, though with some notable absences.

The news source reports that Google ultimately came to an agreement with Universal Music Group, and might have reached a deal with EMI, one of the four other largest record labels in the country.

However, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, the final two labels, definitely will not be joining the event. The beta version of the service has been functioning without any licenses, but how the company plans to manage a full music service without them remains unclear.

Time reports that Spanish technology website TecnoDroidVe posted screenshots purportedly showing a hacked version of Google Music for Android, including a “free song of the day” and music previews.

Negotiations are ongoing, but Google’s relationship with such businesses have been tense at best. The labels have a vested interest in creating competition with Amazon and iTunes, but CNET suggest they might feel they have the upper hand.

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