Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Investors Should Avoid Risky Assets

Traditionally safe bets like gold may no longer be so certain.With stock markets choppy, many investors have turned to traditional asset havens like gold, but some analysts instead recommend waiting, according to Reuters.

Chief Asian strategist at Citi Private Bank, John Woods, suggested investors avoid any risky assets in the coming month before the Group of 20 meeting that intends to address the ongoing euro zone debt crisis.

"The way with which the euro zone crisis is managed will dictate whether or not we have slow growth in the United States or a global financial crisis," Woods told the Reuters Global Wealth Management Summit on Tuesday. "If Europe does the right thing, if we have a sensible European solution, then I do believe we're actually going to have a fairly aggressive relief rally."

Despite gold's prominent status as an asset haven, MSN Money notes that bullion has proven fairly volatile in recent weeks, discouraging investment while the debt crisis plays out. The Associated Press reports that stocks have proven just as volatile, driving many investors out of the market.

Nevertheless, Reuters reports that the latest jobs data reduces fears that the U.S. economy will slip into a recession, but the market will likely remain unstable until Europe resolves its debt woes.

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