Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Kindle Fire Makes Gains on iPad

Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire in late September, and it already threatens the iPad.The seemingly unbreakable hold of the iPad over the tablet market could come under pressure as Amazon continues to see success with its new Kindle Fire. PCWorld reports that the new tablet’s growing popularity was only highlighted by the massive sales seen on Black Friday.

The Kindle Fire, a full tablet line somewhat distinct from the previous e-reader Kindles, was only released earlier this month, but the device has received numerous positive reviews only boosted by its price. While Amazon’s e-readers range in price from $79 to $149, the retailer’s tablet comes in at a surprisingly low $199.

Comparatively, the iPad 2 starts at nearly $500 and can reach more than $800 with various other additions.

Amazon did not release details on its sales of the tablet, but noted it had sold roughly four times as many Kindles as compared to figures from last year, even with last year’s high sales figures.

Yet even though the Kindle Fire outsold the iPad 2 at major retailer Target, InformationWeek notes a survey from PriceGrabber indicating more people would prefer an iPad to other brands, suggesting the Fire has a ways to go before taking hold of the market.

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