Friday, November 24th, 2017

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Mobile Devices Pass By Computers

Americans are spending more time on mobile apps than browsing on computers.The nature of computers changed dramatically as room-sized machines were condensed to little more than a TV, but now the industry has shifted again as devices shrink to fit easily in a pocket. A report from market analyst Flurry suggests that the transition from traditional computing to mobile computing has reached a point, with more time spent on mobile devices than browsing the internet.

As recently as last December, Flurry’s regular survey found that people browsed the internet on computers 70 minutes per day, compared to only 66 minutes on mobile apps. In June of that year, the disparity was even more heavily in favor of traditional browsing with 64 minutes compared to 43 minutes on mobile devices.

While traditional browsing continued its steady growth, reaching 74 minutes per day this month, mobile app usage surged 88 percent from last year, hitting 81 minutes per day. This explosion comes largely from the growth of mobile gaming, which accounted for 47 percent of time spent on mobile apps, and social networking, which accounted for 32 percent.

The growth of mobile browsing seems likely to continue, given how underdeveloped certain markets still are. The New York Times reported on upcoming Facebook app for iPads only last week.

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