Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Mozilla announces mobile platform

Mozilla looks to expand beyond Firefox with Boot to GeckoMozilla’s Firefox is still holding off the surge from Google’s Chrome web browser, but Google at least has expanded well beyond that initial platform, with the stunning success of Android. Now Ars Technica reports Mozilla is looking to catch up, having announced the introduction of its new mobile operating system Boot to Gecko, or B2G for short.

The basic idea of B2G is to create an operating system based on common standards and open principles. The system seems targeted to address issues with integration many other mobile operating systems have encountered, as well as some of the common security problems.

“This project is in its infancy,” Mozilla wrote to its development mailing list, according to Mobile Magazine. “Some pieces of it are only captured in our heads today, others aren’t fully explored. We’re talking about it now because we want expertise from all over Mozilla – and from people who aren’t yet part of Mozilla – to inform and build the project we’re outlining.”

Mozilla has set up a system to allow it to actively update its code so that developers can easily monitor changes in the platform as it’s developed.

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One Response to Mozilla announces mobile platform

  1. scofield says:

    It’s just one of the ways that Firefox competed with chrome.
    Competition makes progress, right?, I’m using Avant browser and waiting the final winner of this war.
    Hope firefox and chrome will bring us more and better products.

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