Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Nintendo hit by hackers

Nintendo managed to stop an attack against its servers.The recent hacking saga continued this week and for once Sony was not the victim. Rival video game company Nintendo reported on Sunday that its servers had suffered an attack by one of the many groups to target Sony, according to Reuters.

Nintendo explained in a release that one of its servers had been unsuccessfully hacked several weeks ago. The attackers were able to gain access to a server access configuration file, but nothing else. No customer information or any sensitive data was compromised.

After the release, newly prominent hacker group Lulzsec took credit for the attempt. The group has made a name recently for a series of high profile attacks on Sony, PBS and Fox. The International Business Times, however, raises the question of whether the Nintendo hack was serious enough to indicate anything about the company’s security. Lulzsec claimed “we didn’t mean any harm” by the attack and the methods used were significantly less sophisticated. Time notes that the group even offered to hack for the popular gaming company. No response so far from Nintendo.

The main issue raised by the recent attack was the length of time before news of the attack was made public. Numerous countries are considering laws requiring companies to inform government agencies immediately.

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