Friday, November 17th, 2017

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RIM Struggling on Missteps

RIM appears to be on a steady decline.With growing competition from the iPhone and Android phones, pressure has built for the creator of the Blackberry, RIM. The BBC reports that the company has suffered not just from the rise of the smartphone, but also the company's own missteps.

The iPhone quickly expanded from the broader consumer market into RIM's longtime bastion, the business world, but the company failed to visibly react to the challenge, relying instead on its established reputation to stave of newcomers.

More importantly, the company has done a poor job of protecting the reputation it built over the past decade and has relied on to maintain its market share. First RIM's IP-based chat service, Blackberry Messenger, took a prominent role in the August riots in England. Perhaps more damaging in the long-term, however, the company's rock-solid servers went down across the world this month, casting into doubt the company's single most important trait of reliability.

The New York Times reports that RIM was continuing to struggle with the service outages on Thursday, October 13, four days after the problem first appeared.

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