Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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RIM’s PlayBook Sells Out at Best Buy

RIM's PlayBook sold out after a big cut in price.Research In Motion, the manufacturer of the once-dominant BlackBerry, has earned a slight reprieve from its recent tide of bad news. CNET reports that Best Buy, one of the country's largest electronics retailers, has run through its entire stock of the company's new tablet, the PlayBook, after a run over the Black Friday weekend.

RIM's PlayBook suffered relatively poor reviews, particularly when compared to the top rivals like the Apple iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab. RIM's general reputation for reliability has been damaged as well by recent outages in its service that took an extended period to fix.

With such poor reviews and poor demand, Best Buy decided to cut the price of the tablets by $300, reducing the 16 gigabyte version to $199.99 and the 32 gigabyte version to $299.99 in advance of the big shopping weekend.

The decision was greeted with a great deal of excitement, and Best Buy has announced it intends to purchase more of the devices in the "near future."

However, eWeek notes that the company's inconsistent policies and delays in updates have created an uncertain environment about the device, but a recent sale for RIM employees could foretell further price cuts.

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