Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Worries Linger After Latest Nintendo Release

The new Wii U has not impressed shareholders.After the disappointing release of its 3DS handheld system, Nintendo has generated some buzz again with the introduction of the new Wii U next generation console. The Wall Street Journal reports that the excitement has largely been limited to the gaming community, however.

Nintendo seemed nearly out of the game after the failure of its GameCube system, but the unique appeal of the Wii sent sales skyrocketing and the company’s stocks soared up 400 percent from the beginning of 2007 to the beginning of 2009. Since then though, the company has seen a steady decline nearly back to those 2007 levels.

Nintendo reports that the Wii U has sparked interest from third party game designers, a key lacking for the Wii early on, but investors worry the company has no clear strategy for who these games should target. The base demographic for video games remains, but the large market of traditional non-gamers has largely been captured by less expensive mobile games and the Wii U holds little to draw them back.

CNET gathered what little is known about the Wii U so far and decided that the system at least offers its own style of gaming, distinct from other tablet-style systems currently in the making. Whether it grabs a substantial market share could depend on how well developers make use of the system’s unique features.

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