Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Students Can Rate Teachers on Website

(U-WIRE) STORRS, Conn. – Finally students can turn the tables on their professors and grade them.

MyProfessorSucks.com allows students to grade their professor’s performance. In order to participate, students simply register at the site (by giving an email address) and then are free to rate any professor. Overall, the feeling among professors and students is that this is a very positive resource.

"It could be reliable and helpful to help you to be careful of who you take for a class," said Mark Riley, a fifth semester political science major at the University of Connecticut. "Your professor for a class makes a big difference."

The main downfall of the website seems to be that the students who add their evaluations seem to be the ones with a particularly extreme opinion of their professor on both ends of the spectrum. The vast majority of the grades are either in the As or Ds and Fs.

Political Science professor Richard Vengroff said that, while he believes this is an excellent Web site to have available, he is unsure whether the students who use it will be a good representation of the student population.

"I wonder if it is really representative of the people who took the class," he said. "It may give students who are interested in a particular class a distorted view. That would be my only restraint about it."

Vengroff, who has an A-plus rating on the site, said he still believes it could be a valuable resource.

"Having additional information available to students is always good," Vengroff said.

Some students who have viewed the site believe the evaluations to be too vague to use in determining which professors they would choose.

"I might look at it when I make my schedule, but I wouldn’t base my decision on it," said Stacy Vincent, a third-semester finance major. "Most teachers had both good and bad evaluations, not cut and dry. If you don’t know anything about them it would be hard to figure out what their really like from reading the evaluations."

Dean Hanink, a geography professor at UConn, said that he does not put much stock in this website. Thus far his average is a D.

"I’m all for free speech," he said. "It’s a good thing for students."

He said that the negative comments are not of significant concern to him.

"I don’t care, no," Hanink said.

On the other hand, professors with high ratings seem to be very much in favor of the perpetuation and growth of the site. Journalism professor John Breen, who currently has an A-plus rating said that he believes it is a good resource for students.

"Sure it’s good, I got an A-plus," he said. "Anything that tells students about their professors is a good thing. Especially getting towards registration time it is great for students to have that available."

Breen said that this is not the first time students have had the ability to grade their professors.

"Student government used to give out a booklet with their own rating systems," he said. "It did probably about 100 professors."

According to Breen that system ended due to cost and the amount of work involved in putting it together for the student government.

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