Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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The Game of Life

The game of Life (the game),  you can learn about life when you play the game of Life!  Do you remember this jingle?  It relentlessly replayed itself over and over in my mind as we introduced our two teenage boys and our ten year old to New York Life’s Game of Life.

Life is fun!  The Game of Life that is.  New York Life has succeeded in revamping the original into a well-thought out, complicated game that has many intricacies and takes learning a board game to a whole new level.

There was an obvious learning curve since the game was new to all of us.   But we muddled through, learning as we went.  But isn’t that parallel to the “real” game of life?  There were many clichés uttered as we played such as, “Life is not fair”, spoken when one landed on a bad space.  “Life is complex”, spoken when all the new information was flying at you from all different directions.   And my personal favorite, “I love New York!”   That speaks for itself.  There are spaces that represent New York City and since I love to visit the Big Apple, this detail made the game all that more appealing to me.  But I digress.

My husband was able to exercise his money skills as well as sales skills acting as the banker who also sold insurance.  He did a fine job apparently, as some of us were even upgrading to whole life policies.  New York Life used simplified terms so that even the youngest of the family had a good idea of what type of insurance he was purchasing.

Taxes, taxes, taxes!  Not one of us enjoyed paying them and I often wondered throughout the game, as we had to pay them, why didn’t New York Life introduce the Fair Tax to the gamers?  Ah, but such is life.

New York Life’s Game of Life is a highly educational, intricate journey around a game board that emulates real life at every turn.  Although, the game was complicated at times and complaints were launched that, “this game is hard”, our response?  That’s Life!  Get one!

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