Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

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Money Management

Volatility will continue in 2012

Even if the various troubled nations resolve their major dilemmas this year, investors should be ready for volatility to continue in 2012, Reuters reports. Even if the United States solves its fiscal deficit, China successfully copes with its economic slowdown, and Europe survives its debt problems, analysts have arrived at a consensus that volatility will […]

Credit Unions See Jump In Interest

The outrage sparked by the recent announcement of increased fees at major banks across the country has already proven to be a boon for credit unions, according to the Credit Union Times. Though credit unions have always offered a low-cost banking option, their association with particular groups or organizations and lack of self-promotion has kept […]

Cost of Waiting: Why Gen Y Needs to Start Saving for Retirement Now

According to a recent survey released by TD Ameritrade, more than half of the Gen Y respondents said that they plan to retire on schedule. Yet, 48 percent are no longer saving, 33 percent have stopped saving for retirement and 27 percent are piling on credit card debt.

As individuals, we may not be able to control the economy at large, but we can impact our own financial futures by adopting smarter spending and saving habits—habits that can help us handle life’s big events, as well as our eventual retirement (however we define it).

Life Insurance Something To Consider For Anyone

Most people prefer not to think about insurance whenever possible. Almost everyone prefers to avoid mention of life insurance. The Houston Chronicle, however, lays out some of the basic principles behind life insurance and the keys to a cost-effective policy. While most younger Americans are willing to accept the sense behind health insurance, many see […]

Credit Unions a Different Option for Banking

For many younger Americans, the choice of banks is often a matter of convenience. A college campus might be flooded with ATMs from Bank of America, so the choice is relatively simple. As people start to look at their banking options, The Wall Street Journal points out that smaller credit unions actually offer benefits above […]

How to Get Free Shipping

Buying things online can get expensive, especially when you realize at the end of the check-out process there is an outrageous shipping cost! Figure out how to save on shipping with these helpful tips.

Bank of America Customers Beware: Your Credit Card Penalty Rates Could Soar

If you’re a Bank of America customer, your dander will definitely rise within seconds. The North Carolina-based bank said it could begin charging customers who miss a payment on their credit cards a higher penalty interest rate on future purchases, according to a recently published report. The Wall Street Journal reports that Bank of America […]

A ‘How To’ Manual On Buying Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance isn’t as popular an insurance option as some other kinds, including health and homeowner’s. Perhaps because renters often feel like transients, they’re a little unwilling to fork over the money to insure their possessions in a place they don’t own. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad idea to think about purchasing some form of […]

Use the Internet to Save Money

The internet isn’t just a great way to shop without leaving your home, it’s also a great way to save money without the tedious, old-fashioned task of clipping coupons. With a little smart shopping and a few extra resources, internet deals can save your budget and even give you a little extra room to “splurge” […]

How to Select a Legitimate Credit Counseling Agency

The last thing a consumer needs when struggling financially is to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous credit counseling agency. If you’re considering using a credit counselor, shop around, and ask each agency the following questions. More importantly, be certain that you are comfortable with their answers before you book that first appointment. A […]